WinTube is here for You.

This application is free for to use for everyone so they can watch youtube.

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No data customization

Wintube doesn't change or customize any of your request/video information, get the direct and absolute information from youtube.

All of your requests will be sent to our special servers that are in seprated regions for better quality and no connection problems.

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What makes WinTube special?

There is probably so many VPNs out there to use, why you should use WinTube instead?

  • Tracking Data

    Using VPN has risks of Losing private information or worse, but we have no data tracking at all, all of your requests are hidden and encrypted.

  • Custom Region Servers

    During some countries goverments, youtube might be blocked and using VPN would make the video blury, but we have custom servers in different part of the world

  • Made By You Guys

    This app is built by you guys who wanted to participate in this project, you can contact us to improve our app.


Frequently Asked Questions

You have a question, we might answered it in here...

Here is a list of questions that you might have.

for those who are asking for help or having any problem with the app on any platform, they can feel free to join our discord community and ask for help.

This Project is made by Exxon and we are also accepting contributors, feel free to apply and help us make this app better.

What resources WinTube needs?

Nothing crazy, atleast 1 GB Ram which i assume everyone already have that

What tools WinTube uses?

For the WinTube client, we have ElectronJS, packaged in NSIS Installer File

And for the Design of the app, we used HTML & CSS(nothing crazy like angular or ...)

How does WinTube works?

WinTube Client sends your video id/url to the custom servers that you are connected and recieve the data from YouTube servers

This way your requests would be safe so the goverment can't track or block the video and video information

Does WinTube gonna come to another platforms?

Yes. we are already started to make the android version of the app.

Obviously we will gonna be against so much challenges and troubles, but hopefully we will make it there.

How can we help to improve this project?

as i said, in this project, we will going to get through so many challenges, if you have the teamworks skills and the required ones, you will be invited to collaborator

Required skills are such as: Knowledge to use git, ElectronJS for the backend or HTML/CSS(any frameworks) for the frontend, and Capicator for the Mobile Platforms.